A downloadable game for Windows

Flore is a dodging game in which you have to bring back life on barren planets. You will have to use your reflexes through the four seasons of the game to bring back trees and animals, but beware of the dark matter!

To pass a level, you just have to make 50% of the planet. It is not really difficult and even rather relaxing.

But if you are looking for difficulty, you can try to do 100% of each level!


Flore is still in development. Here you can find a demo of 4 levels. The full game will contain about 36 unique levels with bosses, epic planets and many other surprises!

Released on PC and Switch if we can!


Flore_Setup.exe 205 MB


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Discovered this game through the 2022 Wholesome Direct and it was the demo I decided to seek out and try first. Love the visuals and music -- really looking forward to playing the full game when it releases! There's something satisfying about watching each planet flourish with life as you travel around it.

Thank you very much! We're really happy about it! We'll do what we can to make the final game as good as possible! ❤️

Hey Dev,

Took a shot at it. This is a really pretty game, and the gameplay is pretty unique. It's straight forward but far from easy. Very well done! I Can't wait for future levels!